“One of Spain’s Best-Kept Secrets”

- The Guernsey Press
Real Life Healthy Living


"I arrived feeling old, tired and fat. Not only am I 9lbs lighter, but I leave feeling invigorated, younger and so much happier within myself - something I never expected from a Health Retreat at all."

Louise B - June 2014

Inside Out Spain is a Health Retreat situated high in the mountains on the sunny Costa Blanca in Spain, miles away from anywhere and off the beaten track. If you're looking at getting your health back on track - maybe you've put on a little too much weight, possibly the stresses and strains of daily life are taking their toll, your energy levels are lower than they have ever been, bad habits are taking over and you just dont know what to do or you want to make some significant life changesWhatever your reason, you've come to the right spot.

Inside Out Spain is the ideal place to take back control of your life (whatever might be going on for you), kick start your health, re-balance your internal system, recharge your batteries and experience real life healthy living for life. Not only will you detox and lose weight, you'll leave behind so much more and finally get to understand how simple and fun living healthy can really be.


"From start to finish, I had the most enjoyable and memorable experience. Thank you."

Karen Bell - February 2014

At stay at Inside Out is a seven-day mind and body experience that will not only physically detox and renergise you, our carefully created program will help you understand and realise what it is like to enjoy life to the full again. A place where you can ditch the diets forever, kick the extremes over the horizon and learn about true balance. In the words of our guests, Inside Out is a truly life changing experience.

If you’re ready to feel healthier, fitter, younger lighter and more alive than you’ve ever felt before, then we look forward to seeing you here soon.


"From start to finish, I had the most enjoyable and memorable experience. Thank you."

Karen Bell - February 2014

An Invitation from Jeroen and Gareth

Believe it or not, between us we have faced a few demons in our past - 2 heart attacks, ruptured ulcers, alcohol and drug addiction, broken relationships and marriages, diabetes, blood pressure problems and absolutely no life balance at all were the tip of the iceberg. But that was then and this is now.

So sitting here, working out how we explain what we do to everyone is quite surreal because what has come together is even better than we ever imagined being able to create. For the first time in our lives, we understand how powerful the life changing transformation we have been through really is because there was a time when we took being healthy for granted.

If you had said to us 5 years ago that we would find a friend who had such similar dreams, and together find the courage to make one of our biggest dreams a reality, we probably would have laughed at you. And if you had looked into our separate lives over a decade ago, opening a Health Retreat probably would have been laughed at because the stresses and strains of every day life were what ruled every decision we made. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING


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